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The Renovation Process: From Engaging a Builder to Finishing Your Dream Home


Embarking on a renovation project is an exciting endeavour that allows you to transform your existing space into a personalized oasis. Having a clear understanding of the renovation process ensures a smooth and successful journey. We will guide you through the key stages of the renovation process.

Engaging a Builder

The first step in your renovation journey is to engage a reputable and experienced builder. A reliable builder, such as Summit Construction, will act as your partner throughout the process, providing valuable guidance, expertise, and project management. They will assess your requirements, budget, and timeline, helping you make informed decisions. A builder will also assist in coordinating the various professionals involved in your project, ensuring seamless communication and efficient progress.

Introducing an Architect

Once you've engaged a builder, they will introduce you to an architect who specializes in residential renovations. The architect's role is to understand your vision, analyse the existing space, and develop comprehensive plans that bring your dream home to life. They will consider structural integrity, aesthetics, functionality, and any local building codes and regulations. Collaborating closely with you and the builder, the architect will create a design that optimizes space, maximizes natural light, and suits your lifestyle.

Plan Development and Estimation

After the architect has developed the plans, the builder will review them in detail to ensure they align with your goals and budget. This stage involves a thorough evaluation of the architectural drawings, specifications, and material selections. The builder will use their expertise to provide an accurate estimate of the renovation cost, taking into account factors such as labour, materials, permits, and potential contingencies. This estimation process ensures transparency and helps you make informed decisions regarding your project scope and budget.

Council Consent

Before commencing construction, the plans must go through the council consent process. The architect and builder will prepare all the necessary documentation, including detailed plans, engineering reports, and compliance certificates. This documentation is submitted to the local council for review and approval. The builder will liaise with the council, addressing any queries or modifications required to obtain consent. This stage may take several weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the council's processes.


The Building Process

Once the council has granted consent, construction can begin. The builder will coordinate all aspects of the renovation, including scheduling subcontractors, sourcing materials, and overseeing the construction site. Regular communication between you, the builder, and the architect ensures that everyone is aligned throughout the process. The builder will provide progress updates, address any unforeseen challenges, and make adjustments as necessary. Their expertise in project management and quality control ensures a smooth and efficient construction phase.


As the construction nears completion, the builder will conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure that all aspects of the renovation meet your expectations. This is an opportunity to address any minor touch-ups or adjustments before officially handing over the keys. 

Embarking on a renovation project requires careful planning and collaboration with professionals who understand your vision. With Summit Construction's expertise and dedication, your renovation journey will be guided by a team committed to excellence, resulting in a beautifully transformed space that reflects your personal style and enhances your lifestyle for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your vision, and let us guide you towards creating a home that meets your ever-evolving needs.

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